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Your corporate, heritage or consumer photographs are special treasures. Taking proper care of them is an important responsibility. Sometimes as photographs age, they become harder to see, and the photo paper might seem as though it is disintegrating. 

From 1 photograph to the many 1000's of album archives. We are one of the leading experts in digital TIFF, JPEG and PDF  archival conversions within the UK, ensuring document outputs adhere to The National Archive Standards. This ensures your valuable archives are digitised to the highest output to preserve your history. 

Document Scanning Solutions in Oxford UK

Photograph Scanning Services to TIFF, JPEG (PDF Formats if Required)

Digitising original photographs and photograph albums can allow you to view, archive or share your items without handling the originals. This allows you to keep your originals once digitised without any preservation risks.  We apply a 'white glove' approach to all our archive handling of  originals, ensuring no media are damaged in the process.

  • Consumer
  • JPEG 300dpi
  • Compressed
  • Family use for viewing on all devices
  • SRDx (scratch and defect removal) | colour management and correction | Batch Scanning
  • File guide size 4MB
  • Price List
  • Publication
  • TIFF 300/600dpi
  • Uncompressed
  • Publication use but manageable file size 
  • iSRD (infrared scratch and removal) | histograph colour management | Batch Scanning
  • File guide size 8-12MB
  • Price List
  • Archival
  • TIFF 1200dpi
  • Uncompressed 
  • National Archive Standard digital files 
  • National Archival Standards processing to client specific specification | Flatbed Scanning
  • File guide size 24MB
  • Price List

    While photographs stored improperly are likely to become fragile over time, you might be surprised to learn that photograph damage is often caused by silverfish–pests you might not even realise are infesting the storage areas of your home. They can eat at the emulsion and paper fibers of a photograph causing significant damage to the photograph itself. It’s important to pay attention to your storage areas, particularly if you have any dampness in these places, even if only during certain seasons.

  • Our archive department and specialist technicians ensure your photographs and albums fit carefully on the surface of the scanners used, ensuring stability especially for fragile albums and photographs.  

Offering Outstanding Scanning upto A1 in size that delivers High-End Performance and Reliability

  • High Quality B&W, Greyscale and Colour Scanning
  • Superior Image Quality – upto 1200dpi Optical Resolution
  • High Productivity
  • Dust Free Scanning

QUALITY ASSURANCE    Following the National Archive Standards, our quality assurance team reviews all scanned images ensuring 100% accuracy. 

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)   We support clients with fully searchable PDF files offering full document text search and indexing.  

Archive Equipment 

We have an impressive range of digitisation equipment to support all document projects and archives

Bookeye Photograph Scanners in Oxford UK

Digitising Document and Books

Digitising Documents

Working with clients all over the UK, we digitise corporate, consumer and heritage document, book and map archives into suitable digital files for online use. 

Our Bookeye A1 Book Scanner offers high resolution planetary scanning for fragile delicate books and rare maps, parchment or materials  up to DIN A1+.   

Photographic Film Digitisation Services in Oxford UK

Digitising Photo Film

Our archive department is equipped with the leading photographic film and photograph machinery, ensuring consistent and high quality digitistion of all film type formats from 110mm to glass plate negatives.

Adhering to The National Archives Specifications, our  services are both leading and award winning, ensuring complete confidence. 

Broadcast Audio-Video Tape Digitisation in Oxford UK

Digitising Audio-Video 

Working with the leading AWS and Blackmagic conversion processors, our services incorporate every audio, video, vinyl and reel format in both open spool and closed tape formats. 

Digital file formats can support clients with Pro-ResHQ, 10-bit AVI,  MPEG4, AIFF, WAV, MP3, with most other options available upon request.       

Cherwell Business Awards Winner 2022

Cherwell Business Awards

September 2022 we won The Cherwell Micro Business Awards category.  Then in September 2023, we were thrilled to be one of the top 3 finalists for the Small Business Awards.

     Entries are extremely high so we were thrilled to be recognised as worthy of both these awards. 

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