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Archiving and Scanning Digitisation at Oxford Duplication Centre

Photograph Scanning for Families and Archives Oxfordshire UK

Heritage Album Scanning Services to Archival TIFF/RAW 600dpi 24-bit/16-bit Output  

Our archival heritage photograph album scanning services are highly recommended in Oxford and UK for exceptional quality outputs. We provide for both corporate, heritage and private clients, to include educational and science sectors.

Our professional archive studio specialises in the digitisation of all types of photographs and albums. Our speciality is the scanning of large flat works of art: drawings, paintings and textiles.  Our studio offer high quality A1, A2 and A3 flatbed scanners, for stunning large-format safe digitisation.  Offering exceptional TIFF archival quality digital files, which are perfect for archival storage.      

    Preservation of photographic material

  • Wearing non-scratching, microfiber or nitrile gloves
  • Clean efficient work surfaces
  • Careful handling of photographs
  • Fireproof safe for all orders
  • Acid free paper envelopes where required

  • Archival Digital Output

  • Original art—black-and-white or color prints, slides, transparencies.
  • Capture in RAW (16 bit) or TIFF (24/48bit) in RGB mode
  • From 300 to 1200dpi for grayscale/colour
  • Silverfast iSRC Infrared Dust Removal
  • Full Colour Management
  • Exceptional Variety of Digital Scanners     

Corporate and Heritage Photograph and Album Scanning Solutions in Oxford UK

Supporting heritage and private clients with archival photograph
digitisation projects from 1 unit to many 1000's.

All photographs and albums are digitised to The National Archival Standards TIFF images before undergoing our Adobe Suite Archival Enhancement service.  You may request any output format or resolution from 300 to 1200dpi.

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SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS 24-Bit DPI 1+ 25+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+
>A3 Heritage Photographs TIFF 600 4.00 2.00 1.00 0.75 0.65 0.55
>A2 Heritage Photographs TIFF 600 6.00 3.00 1.50 0.95 0.85 0.75
SIZE ALBUMS FORMAT DPI 1+ 25+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+
Individual Photo Extraction TIFF 600 2.00 1.00 0.75 0.65 0.55 0.45
>A3 Scanned Album Page TIFF 600 4.00 2.00 1.00 0.75 0.65 0.55
>A2 Scanned Album Page TIFF 600 6.00 3.00 1.50 0.95 0.85 0.75
Frame Removal from 5.00
USBs from 7.00
Restoration per half hour 40.00


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29 Banbury Road, Kidlington OX5 1AQ. Parking is available at the front of the building or rear car park.

Contact Us 01865 457000 or email