USB Not Working On TV – Easy Fixes

If you are facing USB not working on TV, you may need to check some factors which can be responsible for causing the issue. We can support factors and remedies. If you wish to play your USB on a TV please do tell us beforehand, so we can format your USB from  NTFS file system to exFAT or FAT32.

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What To Do If USB Is Not Working On TV? For streaming your videos you can take the help of the USB cable to connect to your TV. If you wish to connect your smartphone to your TV, there are many possible ways to do so using a USB cable. First of all, check the ports and see whether they are clean and dust-free. Also, check that your firmware is updated regularly. You may choose options to mirror your mobile phone onto your TV using SlimPorts, MHL, or even choose to stream using DLNA. 

USB not working on TV issue

  Method 1: Check Your USB Ports.  Often the USB ports may need some repairing service as the port may get into a worse condition. Sometimes the ports accumulate dust and dirt, and you need to clean that regularly so that they function well. Due to this, there may be some connection problems, so always make sure that the port is clean and safe to use. You can choose from SlimPort, MHL, or lightning cables. 

 Method 2: Updating The TV Firmware.   In case your firmware is outdated it may lead to trouble and you may search for what format does a USB need to be for TV! Always check that the firmware is updated regularly. You can visit the manufacture’s website and check for the available updates there. Many users have reported that immediately after updating their firmware they could solve the problem. 

Method 3: Formatting the USB.  By default, the USB drives are in the NTFS file system but many of the TV brands are not compatible with this format. If you format the device to exFAT or FAT32, it may solve your problem. But make sure that you should back up all your files to another location before commencing the process. 

NOTE: if you wish to play your USB on a TV please do tell us beforehand, so we can format your USB correctly.

 Method 4: Connecting With A Mobile High-Definition Link.    When you are suffering from a flash drive that stopped working, you can choose the MHL option. The MHL can connect with tablets or smartphones easily. In case your phone is compatible with the MHL, try connecting it to the MHL adapter and then connect it to the HDMI cable. Then connect it to your television. This may drain out your battery but here you have an option to charge it when you watch your favorites. 

 Method 5: Connecting With A SlimPort.   You can choose an import to connect your tablet or phone to your TV with a USB. Though the output varies it is almost like using the MHL. You can even use it for your old model TVs without digital-inputs but having VGA. Your slimport can work with DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI. Slimport does not take power from your setup so, there is no question of battery-draining but MHL consumes power from your device. This is the simple reason for which you require a power cable. Your device must be compatible with Slimport and you will require an adapter or one cable, video cable and VGA, DVI input, or DisplayPort. First of all, plug in the adaptor of the SlimPort to your device and then with the right cable connect it to the TV. Check whether you can see the display now. 

 Method 6: Connecting With An Adapter Or Cable.    Sometimes you may need to mirror your phone onto your television then you may use the HDMI adapter or a cable for connecting your device to your TV. You can easily do it by plugging the adapter into your smartphone. Now check that the HDMI cable is connected to it. In some smartphones, you have ports for getting directly connected to the HDMI. But before you connect this single cable, check that it is compatible enough. 

 Method 7: Streaming With DLNA.  Still, searching what format does a USB need to be for tv? When cables are not working for you, you can choose the DLNA app for connecting the phone to your TV. Nowadays most of the TV brands are compatible with DLNA that helps you stream media files to your television. You can consider AllCast or Loadcasts for streaming the media files. 

 Method 8: Using a Lightning Cable.  For this process, you will require one lightning cable. It is different from the iPhone model but similar to the USB that you connect to your TV for your tablets or mobiles. You can try a lightning digital AV or VGA adapter depending upon the input of your display. Most of the latest versions of the iPads have lightning cables. You can also choose from the third-party cables but always make sure to check their compatibility. Check by plugging in the USB end of the cable into the adapter and connecting the video to your television. Check that the other end is connected to the power source. This helps it to get charged while you are using it. 

 Method 9: Using A Converter.  With a converter, you can also mirror your device to the TV. This will also enable you to charge the battery when the process is running. Just plug the converter in the USB port and the HDMI port with the HDMI cable and the charger. This way you will be able to see the display on the television.

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